If you are not that well versed in the virtual world, interested parties will find some common abbreviations below:

Singles should refrain from concrete ideas about their dream partner. Maybe they fall for a completely different guy who doesn’t fit into their usual pattern. Although the partner suggestions are appropriate in most cases, singles should also be open to chance encounters, because nobody knows where love will fall. Therefore, you should not wait idly until someone else takes the first step, but take the initiative yourself. At best, they also take a second look at contact inquiries that they were initially averse to – maybe they are the real love behind them.

It is also important to be patient in order to get to know the potential dream partner better, but singles should not unnecessarily delay a real meeting. At some point you have to face the reality check and check whether your chat partner can live up to your own ideas outside of the network. It is important to hold the first meeting as relaxed as possible, for example while walking in the park or having lunch in a pub. If the chemistry is right, singles can plan a longer or more intimate ambience for the next date. But you shouldn’t give up so quickly, even if it’s not love at first sight, maybe a second try is worthwhile because the nervousness was simply too great at first.

In our tendermeet dating site test, we compared all the partner sites in a total of four categories with the same weighting, whereby each dating portal can achieve between 0.00 and 5.00 points. Adding up and then dividing by four results in the final rating of each single exchange. With the exception of two portals, namely eDarling and Dating Cafe, we tested all dating sites with a premium account, so that we could check the full range of services offered by the dating sites.

The test winners offer the best complete packages in terms of our criteria, but this does not mean that other providers with a possibly specialized spectrum could better suit the individual requirements of certain interested parties. For this reason, every potential buyer can use our test reports to find the right dating site for him by weighing and finally deciding on a dating site.

Most of all dating sites are basically suitable for everyone. Nonetheless, some dating portals have also specialized in a certain target group, for example ElitePartner for academics or Parship for more demanding singles. The so-called success rate, that is, the percentage chance of actually finding the dream partner on the dating portal, is less understandable. While lablue puts the prospect of great happiness at only 12.5 percent, Dating Cafe assumes that more than one in two is successful. An important factor for this is the number of members, because lablue, for example, has just 500.0